Project Description

The disc unit was designed for earthing up or unearthing the soil under raised rows of crops with the uprooting of weeds between plants. It is suitable for vineyards, in orchards and with any other crops demanding this method of cultivation. It is extremely sturdy, making it ideal for use on heavy, difficult or stony soil. It uses a hydraulically-operated lateral movement system with height- and sensitivity-adjustment probe (sensor), and thus can also be used on young plants.


  • Disc rotation given by the forward speed
  • Working width varies from 40 cm to 80 cm depending on the mounted discs and on the angle given
  • Independent hydraulic system with sensor for hydraulic automatic displacement cm 40
  • Working depth 15 cm
  • Variable extension from the tractor centre on request, for working in different row widths.


  •  Ideal in rows with close plants (80 cm)
  • Disc shaft with larger dimensions on bearings
  • Sensor sensitivity and gentle movement
  • Possibility to replace the disc assembly with other tools on the same frame