Project Description

The shoot tipping machine / mechanical weeding machine was designed to eliminate the grass growing underneath grapevines and to cut off vine shoots (suckers). Wires in various materials can be inserted onto the rotor, with a simple and rapid method of replacement. It offers hydraulically-operated lateral movement and mechanical protection against impact so it can work both at an angle or in parallel.


  • wire support rotor operated by hydraulic motor
  • fits wires up to 8 mm in diameter
  • front and/or rear, cat. 1, 3-point connection
  • iron support wheels
  • variable overhang from tractor centre in order to adapt to conditions (always indicate row width and tractor gauge).


  • Simple, robust, with the possibility of mounting various types of wire
  • Customized sensor that allow the use also on young plants


  • Rotor of 75 cm
  • double-sided shoot tipping machine/mechanical weeding machine (right and left) to work on two rows at the same time
  • hydraulic lateral movement
  • independent hydraulic power unit