Project Description

The special construction of the ASU bedformer makes it ideal for soft beds with trapezoidal profile and not excessively compact for growing strawberries, asparagus, saffron, berries and similar crops demanding the formation of a soil mound. It can work centrally or shifted to the right and left within the profile of the tractor; in particular, it can be used under glass alongside the supports. The soil is fractured after removal and sent to the left, creating a mound for earthing up by means of an adjustable flap. The rear levelling plate sets the height of the mound and flattens it. Before using the machine, we recommend tillage of the soil for at least 20 cm depth. Can also be used for covering tunnels or for creating drainage channels, where the soil can be dispersed by spreading.


  • Rotor diameter 40 cm or 50 cm
  • Working depth up to 40 cm
  • Lateral displacement from the tractor centre up to 70 cm
  • Bed height up to 60 cm
  • Raised power take off with adjustment to facilitate the cardan joint
  • Oil-bath chain transmission
  • Adjustable hood
  • Depth adjustment.


  • Robust design and rotor with reinforced blades
  • Suitable for all terrain types
  • Build beds in confined spaces
  • Greenhouse and open field use
  • Up to 3 beds in a 5 m greenhouse