Project Description

This particular series of front interceps machinery equipment is suitable for all crops that need to be tilled between the plants (vineyards, orchards). They are designed for use with front linkage tractors or rear-mounted tractors. Their peculiarity is that they have the same parallelogram displacement characteristic as when the machine is connected to the rear linkage, guaranteeing the same quality of work. Their advantage is the improved visibility of the workpiece and the possibility of connecting other equipment to the rear linkage. Different chassis sizes are available to be adapted to different crops.
Available models are:
– SI 1 A rotary hoe with working width 40 cm, or 50 cm, or 80 cm
– ESA rotary harrow with working width 50 cm or 75 cm
On both models it is possible to interchange the working parts (hoe, harrow, discs, mini shredder, shoot tipping unit). They can also be provided without automatic sensor.