Project Description

The automatic interrow rotary hoe SI 1 series is designed for tilling the soil underneath vineyards, orchards and other crops in rows. Its extremely sturdy construction allows it to work in heavy, tough soil with high grass presence. It has a hydraulic lateral displacement system controlled by a sensor, which allows it to be used especially in young plants. The frame is constructed with high strength tubulars, the hydraulic tank is integrated in the front part to give greater stability to the machine.


  • Working width 40-50-80 cm
  • Independent hydraulic system with automatic displacement cm 40
  • Adjustable sensor height and sensitivity
  • Working depth varies up to 15 cm
  • Variable extension from the tractor centre on request for working in different row widths


  •  Particularly robust construction
  • It works with close strains (80 cm)
  • Hoe head with oil-bath chain drive and elevated universal joint shaft
  • Sensor sensitivity and gentle movement
  • Hoe unit can be replaced with other equipment using the same chassis (earthing up and unearthing disks, rotary harrow unit, mini tiller, shoot tipping machine)


  • Iron wheels for working depth adjustment
  • inclination of the hoe unit to follow ground contours (operated from the driving seat)
  • control of retraction in case of emergency