Project Description

The AS2 bedformer is designed for earthing-up of rows of crops, simultaneously to the left and right, with an adjustable distance between the drills.
Using hoes and paddles, two rotors take up the soil at the sides of the row and send it towards the centre, creating a very soft mound for earthing up, with level sides and a flat top. Thanks to the flexibility of its many settings (distance between the drills, operating depth and mound shape), it is particularly suitable for earthing up asparagus, strawberries and other crops demanding this method of cultivation.


  • Mass Kg 850
  • Working width of rotors cm 50 or cm 60
  • Max. working depth 40 cm
  • Min-max distance between rows cm 125-180 (applying different transmission devices)
  • Bed height max 70 cm
  • Min. power required Kw 60 (Hp 80)


  • Versatile with extremely robust construction
  • Open field and greenhouse use
  • Creation of beds of various sizes
  • It can work on tenacious soils and with not perfect preparation