Project Description


They are suitable for horticulture to fix quickly to the soil the plastic sheet that covers hothouses, also with small tractors. The tool burrows into the soil, so the soil is conveyed on the side: it forms the base of hothouses or tunnels fixing them. It is suitable for the creation or to clean little ditches or drains too.



  • Very strong frame
  • Long and adjustable bonnet
  • Working width: 30 cm
  • Working depth: 0 – 25 cm
  • Chain transmission in oil bath
  • Required pover: HP 25
  • Weight: 165 kg


Movable to the left or to the right (on demand)

  • max 50 cm. to tractor center (short chassis)
  • max 70 cm. to tractor center (long chassis)

Movable to the left and to the right (AMRSU mod.)
max cm. 70 to tractor center (long chassis)


  • Hydraulic cylinder for the movement

Type  LT

It is used for horticultural cultivations and it is suitable for the earthing-up or the covering with a a little bit of soil of the plastic mulching sheet on beds.

The rotor, thanks to blades and small shovels, lifts the soil up and pushes it on the side, crumbling and distributing it on the sheet, to guarantee the stability and to avoid the lifting in case of strong wind.

In the back, an adjustable blade height colses the drill.
Sideways, a long deflector conveys the soil (to liking) to adjustable distance.


  • The transmission is with chain in oil bath
  • Working width: diameter 40/50 cm
  • Weight: 140 kg